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Account Aggregation, all
the accounts with a single API.

Access to clients’ financial data is key to anticipate customer needs and deliver new financial services or offer better conditions to existing services your clients get from other banks.

Stay at the center
of your clients’ financial data

Your clients’ goal is to build their net worth and become financially independent.
To do so they need to see the whole picture. How can you provide meaningful financial advice if you are only looking at a portion of a bigger picture?

Main Features

Exposes a single API
to abstract the different implementation

Instant account verification and management of
consent renew


Collect data from multiple
banks/different standards
through simple adapters

Additional Account Aggregation features:

  • Flexibility: extend it with additional security and access protocols
  • Automated periodical distribution of data to other systems
  • Scheduling of data updates
  • PSD2 and GDPR compliant
  • Integrable with external system (as pfm, etc) through message notification

Benefits for the bank:
  • Easy to Integrate into your existing Mobile Bank App
  • No extra layer between you and your clients’ data
  • Understand your clients’ risk profile

Benefits for your clients:

  • Single view across cards (credit/pre-paid), e-wallets, etc
  • All account balances and transaction history across multiple bank accounts
  • A more comprehensive guidance and advice targeted to their specific needs


H24 Remote

Epiphany provides remote support H24. The support is initiated by Customer call to a dedicated phone number or by system alert sent by the monitoring and automation.


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