Full Stack
Digital Platform





The Full-Stack Digital
Banking Platform

Epiphany Full Stack Digital Banking Platform is a comprehensive ready-made Digital Platform that can fully support or compliment any existing Open Banking stack and strategy.


Getting ready for
the future of banking

While Open Banking is something that will have an impact across the whole financial sector, Epiphany believes every open banking solution is unique and needs to be built at best for each banking group. As differentiation is key for banks to win over competitors and as Open banking is an opportunity, Epiphany’s Full-Stack Digital Banking Platform enables banks to take advantage of technology improvements and create innovative and personalized services.

Why Epiphany Full Stack Digital Banking Platform

The Epiphany Full-Stack Digital Banking Platform and related Integration services offer banks, system integrators, service providers and FinTechs (including TPPs) a comprehensive – ready made Digital Platform that can fully support or compliment any existing open banking stack and strategy.


A full development,
test, run environment


A catalogue of re-
usable microservices
All security layers:
TPP Management,
SCA, Anti-fraud

Also includes: Ready-to-use Apps

The Epiphany Full-Stack Digital Banking Platform includes a series of apps designed to enhance the banks offering for their clients.

Benefits for the bank:

  • Modernize any existing core banking with a flexible solution
  • Enhance Service Offerings with Open Banking APIs
  • No need to integrate every single component
  • Speed and agility for better time-to-market
  • Easier collaboration with Fintechs


H24 Remote

Epiphany provides Ticket-based support and Remote support H24. The support is initiated by Customer call to a dedicated phone number or by system alert sent by the monitoring and automation.

API Implementation
Help Desk

Dedicated to TPPs, Epiphany provides technical support, notification of releases, new API interfaces, newsletter on regulation changes or standards, API catalog, sandbox guide, and more.

Developer Portal Management & Implementation

Includes: developer forum support, content management, newsletter, blog articles, documentation updates, tutorials, sample code, developer subscription.


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