Epiphany Digital Banking Platform & Integration Services

The Epiphany Digital Banking Platform and related Integration services offer banks, system integrators, service providers and FinTech’s (including TPPs) a comprehensive – ready made Digital Platform that can fully support or compliment your existing Open Banking stack and strategy.

For example, our platform can help you shift your current PSD2 compliance stack, to a full Open Banking stack – quickly, so you can start generating new and accretive revenue streams and deliver high-value human experiences, today.

"HX" Design & Development Solutions

Our Design and Development solutions include everything you need to successfully discover human banking needs, design, develop, publish and market your open banking HX’s into a very busy marketplace, and do so at the speed of digital.This rich toolset and environment provide you with a full sandbox, API’s, templates, human feedback through our AI-driven “HX Live Forum”, tech support, and again, a marketplace, where you can market your HX use cases.

The Epiphany Marketplace

Discover pre-packaged, tested and ready-to-go, Human Banking Experiences that suit your needs. From Account Aggregation, to Instant-Payments, to Instant-Lending experiences, please browse our HX use case marketplace to help you deploy solutions quickly.

Or publish and market your new human banking experiences within the Epiphany Marketplace to maximize
your exposure and revenue generating ability.

Learn what Humans want from Bankers

In a sharing economy, its critical to understand and engage with people to determine what they really want.

Our AI based “HX Live Forum”, will seek and deliver a set of insights sourced and synthesized from multiple sources across the web. These insights can help you shape your HX Design Efforts. And for a limited time this engine will be available free of charge.

PSD2 Compliance Solutions

Maintaining your lead in the banking revolution requires you to be PSD2 compliant – at the very least. At the center of helping you stay balanced and competitive in this banking revolution is the Epiphany PSD2 Compliance solution, this turnkey and/or “white label” solution is aimed at eliminating the burden of PSD2 compliance.This solution offers quick deployment, and at the same time, creates a strong foundation to help you pivot right into Open Banking easily, and keep you in the lead.

Core Banking Modernization Solutions

Epiphany delivers a set of services, from consulting all the way through to implementation, that can help banks, or their service providers modernize legacy banking applications. Quickly.Notes: As a member of the BIAN network, Epiphany is actively working with our peers of banking architects to accelerate core banking modernization.

Epiphany Digital Banking Platform & Integration Services

The HUMAN Banking Paradigm Shift

Epiphany Digital Banking Stack

Where core banking meets Open Banking to deliver human experiences

PSD2 Compliance Solution Features

Third Party Provider (TPP) management

Manage the consent given by a User to a Third Party Provider (TPP). Select the on-boarding model that fits your need: automatic through the usage of eIDAS certificate, manual entry though the back office application. Developer Portal to create real value for TPP customers.

Fraud Management & dispute resolution

Antifraud system based on the latest Machine Learning Technologies and algorithms. Report generation as demanded by Competent Authorities. User friendly back office application helps find quickly all information to help in Dispute resolution cases.

XS2A Through Dedicated Interface (API)

Support multiple API implementation:
NextGenPSD2 (Berlin Group), Polish API, custom Gateways Protocols.
Predefined or customized analytics information for your API catalogs within dashboards.

Custom Performance Analytics

Dashboards with raw and aggregated information give you performance insights quickly and accurately.

Cutting edge architecture

Modern microservice architecture, automatic scaling and high availability. System monitoring and powerful dashboards. Cloud ready solution to start running on-premises on your current systems and seamless migrate to your preferred cloud.

Industry leading security features

Full coverage of all security requirements part of the Regulatory Technical Standard and industry best practice.
Integrate into existing platforms or benefits from new service offerings to implement Strong Customer Authentication, Dedalo supports market leader providers. Audit trails and reliable logging mechanism.