Compliance Package

Epiphany’s PSD2 is a cost-effective and reliable compliance package that helps banks quickly meet all regulatory requirements and set the foundation to embrace Open Banking.

Why PSD2 Compliance Package

Quick to deploy, Epiphany’s PSD2  is a ready-to-use white label solution aimed at eliminating the burden of PSD2 compliance within two weeks.

Epiphany’s PSD2 includes TPP Management, Custom Performance analystics, Strong Customer autentication, Fraud Management and dispute resolution and a lot more.


Be ready in two weeks

Epiphany’s PSD2 Solution takes 2 steps:

1. A Sandbox environment is available
for TPP testing in 48 hours. Yes, 48 hours.
2. A Live environment will be available
for production within only two weeks.


Main Features

Epiphany PSD2 compliance comes with:

TPP Management

Consent Management

Strong Customer Authentication


Main Features

TPP Management

Open Banking is transforming the future of banking and the way money flows between parties. While on the client’s side open banking allows customers to access new products and services from regulated third party providers (TPP), on the bank side this means a need to manage how these TPPs will be able to interact with their users.
Epiphany’s TPP Management solution is designed to effectively manage the consent given by a user to a TPP. Banks can select the on-boarding model that fits their need: automatic, through the usage of eIDAS certificate, or manual entry through the back office application.

Main Features

Strong Customer Authentication

One of the major implications of PSD2 is the focus on improving security in the payments space through a strong customer authentication (SCA). One of the most important elements of SCA is two-factor authentication. Most consumers are aware of this even if they don’t know it by that name. As technology evolves, new approaches to two-factor authentication are emerging, like face recognition or fingerprint-based authorization, something that many mobile phones offer these days.

Main Features

Data Analytics

Open banking and additional regulations make performance management more important than ever. Epiphany’s Data Analytics helps you meet regulatory mandates and lets you focus on business performance, growth, and profitability by automating performance management processes and regulatory reporting. Also, flexible dashboards with raw and aggregated information give you performance insights quickly and accurately.

Additional PSD2 features:

• Machine Learning Antifraud
• Rich documentation, SDK and simple code
• Powerful Data Analytics
• Enterprise grade architecture

About Epiphany PSD2 architecture

• Modern microservice architecture, automatic scaling and high availability
• System monitoring and powerful dashboards
• Flexible business model: Cloud, on premises or hybrid


H24 Remote Support

Epiphany provides Ticket-based support and Remote support H24. The support is initiated by Customer call to a dedicated phone number or by system alert sent by the monitoring and automation. 

API Implementation Help Desk

Dedicated to TPPs, Epiphany provides technical support, notification of releases, new API interfaces, newsletter on regulation changes or standards, API catalog, sandbox guide, and more.

Developer Portal Management & Implementation

Includes: developer forum support, content management, newsletter, blog articles, documentation updates, tutorials, sample code, developer subscription.

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