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Being part of Epiphany means sharing a project supported by an innovative and dynamic vision

Our Vision

Being part of Epiphany means sharing a project supported by an innovative and dynamic vision. A project in which your knowledge, skills and potential are predicated as indispensable elements for the development and implementation of strategies geared towards actualizing and supporting our Vision and Mission.

It means working for a company accustomed to operating by reasoning with a different perspective and with the objective of continuously expanding the visual horizon in which it operates. It means approaching a solid organizational framework that is, at all levels, respectful of values with well-defined ethics and values. It means being part of a structured and organized team that understands the influence of meritocracy as a major element for success, as well as the main evaluation criterion for the individual growth of its collaborators and for the development of the organization itself.

If you want to embark on a unique and personalized professional growth path, if you are enterprising and courageous and do not mind the responsibilities, if you think you have all the skills you to inspire breakthrough solutions, but especially if you think you can become an integral part of the digital future…Then you have just taken your first step towards success by visiting this page.

Our values

Human Development

Promote and support the development of knowledge, skills, behaviors and professionalism at all organizational levels; stimulate and promote self-learning and the transfer of know-how.


Honoring your commitments, working with responsibility, honesty, loyalty, fairness and transparency in the face of your corporate reputation.

Customer Satisfaction

Consider Customer Satisfaction as a central element and foundation for mutual success.


Passion for what you do (Engagement).

Be animated with true passion for excellence and involved at every level in achieving Team and Organization success.

Work with energy and momentum, engage people and generate passion.

Problem solving

Analyze problems, though not completely defined, by identifying effective solutions. Anticipate problems by considering the medium and long term implications. Know how to find resources and plan the activities needed to solve the problem.

Self Empowerment

Know how to identify and recognize your strengths and improvements. Demonstrate passion and desire to keep up-to-date and to constantly increase your professional thickness. Be able to change your own modus operandi to open up to the opportunities offered by new contexts and cultures.

Flexibility / Innovation

Feel comfortable in changing contexts quickly. Read and interpret change by experiencing it as an opportunity. To be available to risk. Opening to consider new approaches and not experienced before. Become promoters of innovative proposals that can generate a high added value to the Team and organize it.


Collaborate with open and proactive spirit. Recognize the value and ideas of colleagues, knowing how to integrate them into managing activities of their own responsibility. Promote the exchange of knowledge and skills to generate value for the Team, organization and customers.


Define goals and expectations clearly. Transfer thoughts and ideas in a comprehensible and linear way, adopting an assertive approach ensuring communication effectiveness. Maintain a timely and exhaustive flow of information. Facilitate and build relationships that can deliver excellence in communications.

Tension to the result

Have high, individual, organizational and team expectations. Constantly address your business to the attainment of the goals set. Be a stimulus to pursue high levels of performance.

Our Offices

Milano - Toronto - Cosenza

Open Positions

Product Development

Java EE Developer
Do you want to show your talent and growth professionally in a young, challenging
environment? What are you waiting then? Come to talk with us! We are looking for
experienced Java Developers to join us and enter in our development path and talent
The candidate will be working for our offices located in Rende (Cosenza) with a team of
experienced analysts, developers, testers and architects in order to build enterprise
systems that support mission critical objectives. We need to get in touch with a dynamic,
talented software developer who is ready for a challenge where teamwork, technical
ability, client interaction, and problem-solving skills are essential.

Full Job Description

Agile QA Tester
Are you able to challenge the status quo? Then we are looking for you!! We are currently
seeking Agile QA tester to join our talented team in the “code farm” office in Rende
(Cosenza). You will be responsible for driving forward our build and QA processes to
ensure consistently improving quality and efficiency.
You will be part of a young, fresh, and stimulating environment driving innovation to the next level.

Full Job Description


Inside Sales Manager
Role: Inside Sales Manager
Location: Milan – Italy
Terms of Employment: Fulltime, Permanent, on-location
Application Process: Send your resume to

Full Job Description

Business Analyst

Agile Business Analyst
For our offices located in Milan we are looking for an Agile Business Analyst that will assist in
Product Owner engagement, backlog management, and acceptance criteria definition. The Agile
Business Analyst will also serve as a knowledgeable resource in advising the Scrum Team on
tools and techniques to improve the development, collection, analysis, and reporting of information.

Full Job Description

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