InstaScore: personalized
credit in real time.

Epiphany’s InstaScore will make it easier than ever to deliver instant customised line of credit.


Why Epiphany InstaScore

Powered by Epiphany’s proprietary technologies and leveraging complex machine learning algorithms, Epiphany’s InstaScore allows banks to offer in real time customized line of credit.

And this will not only result in the abiity to meet the demands of your existing customers, but will also allow you to extend your customer base, especially within expats, millennials, members of Gen Z and all those with no credit history and who could not easily get a line of credit, because of outdated traditional credit scoring models.

Main Features

Epiphany InstaScore value proposition:

Instant risk

of consent renew


Automated messaging
to the client

Additional InstaScore features:

Benefits for your clients:

• Personalization of credit in real time
• Financial charges reduction thanks to the disintermediation
of the credit
• Flexibility on payment methods thanks to customized conditions
• Access to additional products and services without impacts
on their financial stability

Benefits for you:

• Easy to Integrate into your existing Mobile Bank App
• Avoid sharing of your clients’ data and increase clients trust
• Improves understanding of your clients’ spending habits
to improve its risk profile
• Increase volume of credit disbursed with consequent growth
of revenue from interests
• Extension of quantity and type of evaluable elements to make
economic conditions of loan competitive


H24 Remote

Epiphany provides remote support H24. The support is initiated by Customer call to a dedicated phone number or by system alert sent by the monitoring and automation.


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