Epiphany ONE

Unlocks innovation for traditional banks on a fintech timescale.

Epiphany ONE endorsed by Gartner in "The Market Guide for Digital Banking Platforms"

FSI Marketplace and Platform for the Open Finance.

Enables Banks and Third party co-creation & collaboration to deliver new digital services to customers, at a faster time to market and lower cost. Provides banks the ability to deliver more value through a secure and controlled collaboration, within minutes, leveraging a “next-gen” App Store with a “click & run” approach.



An open platform that promotes innovation and offers a new yet simple & intuitive experience to developers. 

Partner Ecosystem

Cooperate with market players and create new business models. Epiphany ONE simplifies integration with third party solutions.

Core Agnostic

Epiphany ONE Integration Layer is based on the BIAN standard which promotes jouney-led, risk averse, core system modernization.



Digital Banking Platform connected to your existing fullfillment systems and complemented by reusalbe business components


Simplified partners OnBoarding, Promote solutions through the App Store and scale your business quickly


Dedicated SandBox, SKD, tools and documentation to focus on innovation and accelerate delivery 



Increase revenue

Reduce operational cost

Improve operational efficiency

Gain agility to innovate

Improve business offering

Implement new business models

How Epiphany ONE delivers value?


Architecture designed with key quality attributes on top of enterprise technology stack. Fully digital process for Partners OnBoarding. Application management simplified: one-click installation, update and removal, built-in dependency and versioning management. One-click sandbox/environment creation.


Create ecosystems and collaborate with Partners to offer new customer experiences. By 2023, 70% of application will be distributed through marketplace, Epiphany ONE has been designed looking at the future to maximize ROI.


Epiphany ONE optimize resources usage by creating ad-hoc environments. Reduces implementation and integration time & costs by reusing assets, writing less code and automated deployment leveraging the Epiphany SDK.


Tools and SDK to streamline in-house development. Usage of a BIAN standard for universal core system integration, enables a customizable and risk-averse roadmap for core system modernization.


Leverage the capabilities of an Open Platform in which participants across industries work together. Open Collaboration made easy: the connected App Store provides you with 1-click install of ready-to-use Apps or Services.


Platform capabilities can be extended with Packaged Business Capabilities (Apps) by qualified developers: unlock potentials by allowing partners to create or integrate their own APIs, Apps or Components you can just deploy in a click!


Built on cloud native technology is available for deployments on Cloud or OnPrem. One-click cloud native package builder, remote cloud deployment and development, built-in Cloud Native Application Installer.


Epiphany ONE is built following current industry regulation, standards and security best practice. Usage of Epiphany SDK helps developers to deliver consistent code across different teams.

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