Banca Popolare di Sondrio adopts InstaPay, Epiphany’s instant payment solution

Milan, 1st August 2019Banca Popolare di Sondrio has chosen the InstaPay application by Epiphany, a digital banking solutions start-up founded in Italy and operating globally. This new agreement will allow the bank’s current account holders to pay for their purchases directly from the InstaPay banking app. InstaPay is one of Epiphany’s open banking solutions, and is compliant with PSD2 standards, ready-to-use, and characterized by high security standards aimed at reducing the risk of fraud in transactions. Its fluid and simple design for the end user allows the bank to introduce the service of instant payments in a very short time. It is a highly scalable solution, allowing additional payment services to be implemented over time. The payment is made through a button, easily recognizable, within the app of Banca Popolare di Sondrio that uses the QR code technology to execute the transaction. InstaPay’s acceptance of the main retail and catering systems is made extremely simple by the integration with the NCR’s WinEPTS solution, which allows the completion of the payment with a simple interaction between the customer’s smartphone and the POS system. It will automatically generate an instant draw, also allowing customers to participate in offers and win prizes made available to them. The technology connected to the Instant Win service will be configured and launched by Domec, thanks to the integration of the Domec Tools™ loyalty platform with Epiphany’s InstaPay. The objective is to simplify the user’s daily life through an application that can transform the smartphone into a digital portfolio with which one can securely transact, having in real time the updating of banking movements as well as those concerning the loyalty programs of the different points of sale. The project also involved NCR and Domec, which allowed the design of a solution that could be implemented immediately thanks to the integration of their respective technologies.

“At a time when immediacy is the new standard demanded by users, digital banking solutions must enable real-time operations, adapt to market changes and different usage cases, and ensure secure and traceable transactions. In the InstaPay roadmap there are many other innovations, such as payment in installments, the contextual purchase of micro insurance policies, and much more. All in order to offer simple and useful experiences to the consumer”

says Paolo Spadafora, Epiphany’s Founder and CEO.

We have enthusiastically joined this initiative especially in a scenario where consumers are increasingly comfortable in using mobile devices as tools to manage financial services and to make payments at points of sale. We hope that the launch in Italy of InstaPay will contribute to the transformation of the relationship of Italians with money in the direction of “cashless

states Milo Gusmeroli, CIO of Banca Popolare di Sondrio.

Epiphany is a start-up company, founded in 2016, which operates in the technology sector with a special focus on banking. Through its full-stack digital platform, it offers a series of micro-services and applications useful for improving banks’ operating systems and for supporting credit institutions to adapt quickly to PSD2. Epiphany’s platform and related integrative services offer banks, system integrators, service providers and Fintech, including TPP (Third Party Provider), an all-inclusive digital IT architecture that can fully support or complement any open-banking solution. Domec, a company founded by Antonio Sorrentino, is a Collaborative FinTech Company active in the field of innovative payment systems and value-added services related to these.

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