Banking for the human race

made possible TODAY

We are Epiphany,

and we believe technology is here to serve human beings, and make the Human Experience (“HX”) better overall.

Today, our mission is to help banks maintain relevance with their clients, by helping them enable banking for the Human Race, through our Epiphany Digital Banking Platform™ and Epiphany HX™ solutions.

Tomorrow, we believe the role of banks will change significantly, and we will continue to enhance our platform and tools to ensure a solid foundation that supports these shifts and changes in the industry.

The Epiphany team have been shaping and integrating banking and finance systems for more than 20 years. However, today, the entire banking paradigm is inverting because of incredible technological innovation, coupled with PSD2 regulation, that requires banks to open up customer data to 3rd parties. 

These two factors are causing a fundamental shift from a bank-centric platform to a human-centric platform.  Our solutions help facilitate this shift, and help banks ensure relevance and trust with their clients.

Last news

Epiphany is Golden Partner at “Salone dei Pagamenti 2018

Epiphany will exhibit at “Salone dei Pagamenti 2018“, the excellence event for the Financial and Technological Industry, which will take place in Milan on November 7-8-9th. The event will held at MiCo Milano Congressi, via Gattamelata 5, gate 14. “Salone dei Pagamenti...

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Epiphany hosting new seminar succeed in open banking

Epiphany, in collaboration with IBM, is hosting “Succeed in Open Banking” October 25th in Milan. Join us in a seminar which features the best of the breed of tech innovators and products to support banks in the innovation process. Sharing the latest research on the...

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Epiphany & Dylan Ratigan At The “Forum Banca 2018”

Epiphany will exhibit at “Forum Banca 2018“, the excellence forum for the Financial Industry, which will take place in Milan the next 27th September. Forum Banca 2018 is the event that gathers representatives from investments firms, banking, FinTech startups and...

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Our Services

Software Product Development

You have an idea that has to be implemented and delivered to the market. We will help you in the Full Cycle of Product Development.

Technology Consulting

Our technology expertise and strategy knowledge empowers Epiphany to provide customers with the first-class consulting services.

Custom Software Development

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to realize new innovative ideas that will provide your customers with additional value.

Enterprise Application Integration

We provide a full range of integration services that enable our customers to accelerate business processes, eliminate ineffective routine operations.

Epiphany Digital Banking Platform

The Epiphany Digital Banking Platform and related Integration services offer banks, system integrators, service providers and FinTech’s (including TPPs) a comprehensive – ready made Digital Platform that can fully support or compliment your existing Open Banking stack and strategy.

For example, our platform can help you shift your current PSD2 compliance stack, to a full Open Banking stack – quickly, so you can start generating new and accretive revenue streams and deliver high-value human experiences, today.