In the latest edition, SuperStudio Magazine talks about Epiphany and our new cool office space. A description full of praise and appreciation for our company that, in turn, chose SuperStudio Più as its headquarter for the beauty and functionality of its spaces.

“Epiphany: Intelligent Technologies.
A staff with solid background and strong experience in the IT.
Epiphany designs and implement cutting edge software for the banking industry and has seen a fast proposition of its product “Dedalo PSD2 Open Banking Platform” and official validation by IBM, today among the company’s partners. Experience, strong “architectures” skills and the ability to customize solutions make Epiphany a company to keep an eye on for professionals. An example of continuous development and research.“

We are pleased to be hosted at SuperStudio, a place where Design, Technology and Arts meet all year long with communities that brings positive vibes and inspiration.