Paolo Spadafora, CEO and founder of Epiphany, tells Boris Plantier about how his company is helping startups across the globe to realize success.

With a vision to make people better off by enabling innovation, Paolo Spadafora established Epiphany.  “Our ideas and inspiration are the result of strategic foresight that was conceived by Edoardo Moretti and myself,” explains Spadafora. “We believe ‘epiphanies’ lead the process of innovation. By enabling collaboration between clients and partners, we will deliver best in class solutions that position our clients and their customers for success.”

Epiphany is positioned as a one-stop solution for all things startup. “Our team can help take budding young businesses to market within tight timeframes, while maintaining best in class quality,” Spadafora explains. “We provide the best of both worlds – combining a team of seasoned technologists with decades of experience in the banking sector and a specialty in payments. We also have strong regulatory know-how and security expertise.

“In addition to this, we have a unique anti-fraud solution that uses machine learning designed to “think” in this new ecosystem, based on your business logic. The system is modular with reusable assets (micro-services). It can run on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid and runs on platforms including IBM or Oracle.”

The Epiphany solutions meet all security requirements that are part of the Regulatory Technical Standard and industry best practice. “Our PSD2 solutions support market leader providers, offering audit trails and reliable logging mechanisms,” Spadafora says.

And this is just the start. As well as expanding into new markets, Epiphany will be releasing add-ons to enable new services in the PSD2 ecosystem. “These services include credit scoring and micro lending, insurance, reconciliation and utilities. We’ll then be looking at launching blockchain apps and a new banking platform,” Spadafora concludes.