Epiphany, in collaboration with IBM, is hosting “Succeed in Open Banking” October 25th in Milan. Join us in a seminar which features the best of the breed of tech innovators and products to support banks in the innovation process. Sharing the latest research on the “PSD2 State of Play” and launch the new and exiting partnership program for Business Growth. The event will held at “Spazio Vetro” c / o SuperStudio, in via Tortona N.27.

The ‘PSD2 state of play’ studies were conducted by Clever Advise experts through very specific investigations on all aspects related to the revolution brought about by the introduction of PSD2. The studies explored reveal how far is the organization in the PSD2 implementation process and in completing the PSD2 compliance requirements, What are the primary concerns surrounding the implementation of PSD2, what the customers expecting from an Open Banking environment, which PSD2-related initiatives are currently on-going or completed within the organizations and many other important reflections.

The seminar will also highlight two other important themes:

– Cloud Private with IBM technicians who will discuss new Uses cases for financial services

Dedalo PSD2 Open Banking Platform  with an in-depth analysis of Use Case for the growth of the business, through the description of concrete scenarios, how to use, the answers that the user expects in the key business process modeling (and business process reengineering).

“Succeed in Open Banking” will be an excellent opportunity for networking, also through some members of international finance among the speakers, such as Dylan Ratigan.

The event will last from 16:00 to 18:30 will end with a delicious cocktail.

Don’t miss it!

Compliance-driven or Innovation-Driven: this is the question!

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