The Bank is dead, long live banking”!

Epiphany, as member of the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN), is pleased to announce that will join the event in Madrid.

BIAN is a non-profit ecosystem based on leading banks, technology providers, consultants and academics, working together with the purpose of lowering banking costs and sustaining innovation in the industrial sector. Part of the Epiphany mission with its “Digital Banking Platform” is to simplify and innovate banking architecture which is currently outdated.

Paolo Spadafora, Epiphany CEO and co-founder, will be speaking at the Open table: “The Bank is dead, long live banking” March 19th at 14.30.

Message from the CEO, Paolo Spadafora: “We believe sharing know-how, sharing experience and work together with a common goal are key drivers to deliver value to the Banking Industry in a Sharing Economy”.

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