The “Open Banking & Technology” seminar organized by Epiphany, in collaboration with IBM, took place the 19 September c/o Superstudio Cafe in Milan. It was a great opportunity for banks, financial institutions and system integrators to get an update on the PSD2.

The seminar focused on three main topics, shared and commented with the audience: study on “PSD2 and Open Banking state of play” in Italy; IBM technology in the open banking era; Dedalo, Epiphany PSD2 and Open Banking platform.

The study about the “PSD2 & Open Banking state of play” were conducted by Clever Advice experts and the early findings have brought rather significant results:

  • 60% of Italian banks see the application of the PSD2 not as a strategic impulse for technological modernization;
  • 16% of the banking institutions are at the appropriate stage to be ready for March 14, 2019.

In today’s scenario The response of banks and operators in the sector therefore appears to be linked to their aspiration to play a role in the payment market and their ability to invest in new business and technology solutions.

Precisly on technologies and modernization methods, IBM focused its speech. The US company has described how it is supporting the new era of Open Banking and what features have its platforms and products to approach the innovation process. IBM believes that digital transformation will be built around data comprehension, with speed and agility, in a hybrid world and offers a choice of seamless cloud adoption across different models. Scalability, flexibility and customization are the three keywords to obtain simplified developer experience, to guarantee Microservices & Container archicture and enhanced Api lifecycle.

Our choice to rely on IBM for infrastructure and platforms for the design of the Dedalo platform is to be understood in this direction. Dedalo PSD2 Open Banking Platform was thought first of all to scale through a modular system, architected “to think” in this new ecosystem and then to meet compliance requirements.

The Platform meets all the needs in terms of complexity, speed and functionality, which are emerging in the approach to the new PSD2 business market.

Dedalo drives quick development and, at same time, creates a strong fondation to empower to derive maximum benefit from the new Open Banking era.

The Study is planned to be completed begin of October and presented to our next seminar around end of october. If you wish to pre-register please send email to


Compliance-driven or Innovation-Driven: this is the question!

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